Who Can Serve

GRFP Reviewers include:

  • Faculty who work with undergraduate and graduate students
  • Individuals who conduct research in NSF-supported fields
  • Individuals who are able to review interdisciplinary research plans

NSF seeks diverse panels composed of outstanding researchers from a wide range of institutions, geographic locations, and backgrounds.

Reviewers must be able to evaluate early-career applications on their demonstration of potential for significant achievements in science and engineering.

Reviewers must have some quantifiable expertise in the field for which they are examining applications. Reviewers typically have an advanced degree or equivalent work experience in an area in their discipline and/or advise undergraduate or graduate students. Reviewers come from either academe or industry with the ability to understand advanced scientific subject matter and impartially describe the merits of the applications submitted by undergraduate or graduate students.

For a list of fields supported by GRFP please visit here.