Why Serve

Serving as a GRFP Reviewer is an excellent opportunity to apply your research and career expertise to help identify future science and engineering leaders, and to gain valuable perspective to share with faculty and students at your institution.

Apply your research and career expertise to:

  • Help identify our nation’s future science and engineering leaders
  • Gain valuable perspective to share with faculty and students at your institution
  • Obtain a professional development opportunity
  • Receive financial compensation for participation (some restrictions may apply)

The success of the review process, which enables NSF to make wise investments in all fields of science and engineering research and education, depends on the willingness of qualified reviewers to share their time and expertise. Your experience and up-to-date knowledge enables you to provide helpful advice to NSF program officers in making their decisions on awards.

By participating as an NSF Reviewer, you are providing an important service to the science and engineering community to which you belong. NSF has a commitment to making 100% of grants and awards based on a competitive process. In order to impartially review the merits of each proposal or application it receives, NSF must rely on the community of experts for each area of study. Without the widest participation of this community, the mission of the Foundation and the advances in research and education it creates would be unsustainable.

In addition to providing a great service to NSF and the science and engineering community, reviewers benefit from reviewing. For example, reviewers gain first hand knowledge of the GRFP review process; learn about common problems with applications; and discover strategies to write strong applications.